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Classic Color Meter Privacy Policy

I believe that privacy is a fundamental human right and strongly condemn the modern practice of collecting and profiting from customer data.

Classic Color Meter does not collect any information about you nor does it transmit any information over the network.

Classic Color Meter includes a link to the contact form on my website. If you enter personally identifiable information into this form and send it to me, it goes through my web server (hosted by Linode) and then to my e-mail server (hosted by Fastmail). I use this information solely to reply to you.

If you report an error, I may ask you to send additional information concerning the error. This may include logs which contain personally identifiable information such as your username or computer's network name.

I may keep the above data indefinitely. While I try to follow best practices and delete submitted information after it is no longer needed; I also make gratuitous backups, which may inadvertently store data.

By using Classic Color Meter, you consent to this privacy policy.

If I decide to change this privacy policy, I will post those changes on this page.

This privacy policy was last updated on October 1, 2018.