Ricci Adams (he/him)

Creator and founder of musictheory.net. Audio geek. Hiker. Usually found in the wilderness sipping coffee and conversing with cows. 🐮


In 2000, I launched musictheory.net as a free resource for music education. In 2011, I resigned from my job at Apple to focus on the site full time. We launched Tenuto and Theory Lessons later that year.

While musictheory.net occupies most of my time, I've also developed several macOS applications.

Classic Color Meter is an enhanced replacement for the built-in macOS color meter. During development, I researched color management and wrote an article on Mac Color Meters and Color Space Conversions.

Pixel Winch is a graphics design tool which streamlines the process of adding measurement annotations to screenshots. I use it to create pixel-perfect layouts in my apps and websites.

Embrace is a music player designed for the unique challenges of DJing social dance events. It focuses on playing back a single set list without audio glitches or accidental interruptions.

While I consider these three apps to be feature-complete and finished, I stand behind my work. Please message me if you encounter any issues.

Additional projects may be found on my GitHub.


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