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My most famous project is musictheory.net, which I launched in 2000 as a free resource for music education. In 2011, I resigned from my day job at Apple to focus on the site full time. We launched Tenuto and Theory Lessons later that year.

Mac Apps

While musictheory.net occupies most of my time, I also create and sell macOS applications via Apple's Mac App Store. While these were all originally quickly-made tools for personal use, I later decided to apply my rigorous quality standards and release them to the world.

Classic Color Meter

When Apple released Lion in 2011, many web developers and graphics professionals were shocked at the dramatic reduction of DigitalColor Meter's functionality. As this personally affected my workflow, I challenged myself to recreate the previous version from scratch. Classic Color Meter is the result of this challenge. During its development, I had to conduct copious research into macOS ColorSync.


I often DJ for various social partner dance events. This is different from club DJing, and I wasn't able to find a suitable music player that met all of my requirements. Hence, I created Embrace in early 2014.

Pixel Winch

During development work, I often repeat the same process: capture a screenshot of my website/application, open it in an image editor, and measure the pixel dimensions of a section of the screenshot. Pixel Winch is my attempt to streamline this process.

Open Source

All of my open source projects are available via iccir or musictheory on GitHub. Notable projects include:


NilScript is my hybrid programming language which combines JavaScript with modern Objective-C. Almost all of musictheory.net is written in it.


SwiffCore is a complete .swf parsing and rendering framework for macOS and iOS. I use it in Theory Lessons to render my Flash-based music theory lessons.

Past Projects

I worked on several projects during my tenure at Apple. On the Mac side, these include Contacts, FaceTime, Mail, Messages, Photo Booth, and Safari. In addition, I helped with Messages in iOS 4.